I need help!!! urg im a cancer woman who fell inlove with a capricorn male and god did he hurt me.he wants to be friends but i cant do it.everytime he talks to me my knees get weak and i get butterflys.i feel like a helpless schoolgirl.he broke up wit me on my birthday and three days later i found out hes dating another woman.its funny how fate works in its ways so yesterday i decided we cant be friends because i cant forget what he did to me so i told him that.then yesterday night im walking home from a friends house(okay my fool around buddy)and who do i see walking down my block(he lives 2 blocks away from me)HIM!!! and hes walkin towards my direction ignore him and keep walking to my house.i look back hes down the block calling me i ran into my house and cried. idk i feel like i truely love him hes amazing but it hurts alot.urg Sometimes you have to forget how you feel, and remember what you deserve