Well that can very well be the six month relevant event date. A lot depends on how she decides to retaliate. On a spiritual level---it would be best if she uses that situation to understand what kind of harvest she can expect from this commitment. And either be realistic about her expectations from him AND her own part in creating a negative event---her choice. Like I said before, they are both fiercely independent YET forcing obligations on another --- I see this as validation of the power struggle that will end these two and she could repeat a pattern of just jumping into another relationship if she can't let go of needing immediate gratification and love validation by setting rules of proof. She is not the one asking for advice but she will keep facing the same obstacle ----even with you---unless she starts accepting her own issues rather than thinking it's all about the man. The best of relationships still require compromise AND most important accepting who your mate is without delusions of changing them. A couple can INSPIRE the best from each other OR as well poke out the worst. If one is going to have deal breaker rules they need to own up to who they are and not prolong a fight. What I mean is she can't be both independent yet have this insecure needy side and not ignore that. My guess this man was extra attentive in the chase but it wore off and now he just feels her pulling the reins. Her decision is to be honest and own that need if she can't change her insecurity and end the relationship until she finds the man who has the same rules. But from what I get she is not attracted to that. She is attracted to men who do show real attention in the moment but by nature prefer a VERY LONG leash. I get that she is intoxicating and a man can get lost in it--for awhile---but life has other agendas and you could lose yourself in her. Which is why spirit advises your part in this lesson is to know when to step away from a consuming situation and not miss important crossroads in your own path of life. People who do not feel trapped or are secure handle these demands with compromise. He needs to be truthful but not vindictive if he feels a six month anniversary is silly if he is otherwise very attentive all the time. If he feels MOSTLY she is not too demanding he could just buy her a gift and shrug it off. But usually when a mate just retaliates it means that they feel the mate IS controlling and I get that they both have control issues. You said you hurt her and disappointed her. Spirit shows me a wolf in a trap who chews off his own leg to get free. I feel that you could not keep up with her rules either---she needs constant reassurance and although it was heavenly to get lost in her at times---you need a longer leash! Be honest with her and yourself. If she plays the jealousy card to punish him on the 10th and runs to you it will be a short lived victory for you. And by the time you realize you are back in the same conflicts with her---you will have missed some important opportunities in your own life path that are calling to you. The only way you can be with her is to be yourself--from day one. You need space to live your own life AND she needs to be more attentive in her own and not assume you are pulling away or something is wrong when you are just busy. I see her as having a deep core belief that love can't be trusted to stay and actually she creates rules that insure it is truth.AND she is attracted to men who are sure to disappoint her. Truth is important right now---for both of you---in your own space. know yourself!! BLESSINGS!