Only learning where you truly stand with each other will lead you to success in matters of the heart. A love affair here is very tough but, if you can make it through, then marriage can do well. Neither of you individually is likely to be able to guide the relationship to firmer ground - you two will have to investigate your ideas, feelings, beliefs, and tastes in an organized way to learn what you share. This search is unlikely to be intellectual or even conscious; it will arise naturally through your shared experiences. Piece by piece, things will fall into place, and the relationship's heart centre will unfold. It will take time, effort, and much patience. But if a true communion can be established, the two of you will then taste success in many areas of your lives. Until then however, you may drift uncertainly. Your love affair can be unstable but romantic. There is often a face-off here between your emotionality and your friend's structure and logic. He can make demands that you find hard to meet; he may also refuse to recognize the importance of feelings to you, and you may resent him for that. The time needed to find common ground is often lacking here - a long-term commitment is unlikely unless you two are in a situation that forces you into regular contact, allowing the relationship to unfold.