It's because Virgos' seem to with hold their emotions and assume that others are psychic enough to know how they feel. Not true, you have to say how you feel... critical of others and don't forgive well, acknowledge something incredible but push anything away that seems like it's too intense .... IDK earth signs can be great but their rising and moon have more to do with compatbility than you'd think. For instance I'm a Cancer, supposedly Cancer & Pisces are supposed to be wonderful together and Cancer and Virgo are a good balance too right? Funny, all but one of my partners was a Virgo or Pisces. Cancer & Pisces = poisonous and toxic it brought out the WORST in both our personalities Cancer & Virgos = always seemed too good to be true, and I fell for their stability and steadiness only to be pushed away because I was "too magickal" and "too much of a hidden treasure" for them to open... I think they mixed up treasure with trash? Weird... Maybe I should date air and fire signs since my supposed matches are toxic