Hi kraZkZ! I read everyone's poems and they are all so great....you made me laughed with your Cockroach poem though...how hilarious is that??!!! lol! Beginning or End The begininng of a relationship is usually defined by euphoric and elated pleasures. Lacking a sense of psychological entropy, equilibrium! During the journey, you might feel like you possess geological forces, moving mountains seems undemanding, when really you are simply aspirant! The end of a relationship is mostly tumultuous, feeling foredoomed and abandonned. Until closure is in effect! The questions are: Is the beginning or end, good or bad? Do we need to end all that has been started, do we need to start anew at what has ended? When really there is no beginning or end. Love and Hate are in perfect balance like everything else that is opposite. To all: You have the perfect match within you, bequeath and attract! Lots of Love to all fellow Poets.... I'm a lonely Scorpio