I'd like to be a graphic designer. I just wish that I could've stayed stronger in my own beliefs. It's just that I never really wanted to go to school, but my father ranted and raved about how none of his kids are 'smart'. You're answer made me cry it's a good thing! i can't believe how on the dot you are about me. Yes, the job I got into because my mother said it will do me some good...i try to do what I want...but then I get static about things. Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be an artist and if that did'nt go through I'd like to be a hair dresser. But...my father and my grandmother pushed me out of everything saying that i would'nt amount to anything. To them...the only thing that makes money is people in the medical field. I can't do that. The medical feild takes people with more focus...the only thing I want to do is design and write! I have a kitty and his name is Moochi because he steals little things and hides them under my bed. hehe. I understand it's time for me to grow up and I want to get out of my house, but so far the economy is'nt good enough yet. But thank you, your reply was such a wake-up! Maybe I might apply my design skills to web designing...and just have a whole triple threat going...and maybe I might transfer schools! The job is something that will supplement me through the times I need things. I have to deal with it for awhile longer. Thank you Shuabby...thank you so much and if I could...i'd hug you!