Barbralee I would definitely say that it was put there for you the heart is a symbol of love and rose (pink) quartz attracts love, you are being given a very obvious message there, from whom I couldn't say but I do know found things are always messages for me, so why not others. I have found that if I do not work on my jewellerymaking I always lose earrings usually ones I like but instead of making them (because usually I can), I've bought them if I then work a bit sometimes I even find the ones I lost, thing is it always seems to work that way, lately I havent had much luck selling so I hadn't made much but I always left repairing or redesigning my own pieces to last, and now I have a box full, I was told in no uncertain terms to get on with them I'd bought a pair of coral chip sleeper style earrings, I never even had them three hours before I lost them, so you see how it works have a word with your Guardian angels if you can they may tell you something about why these things happened to you but I am sending hugs, because you could probably do with them anyway love because you definitely need that and wishes for your happiness too Love and Light Blessed be