keikeillm I understand your feelings at this time and I feel your husband is not leaving you for another woman. He is leaving you because he has come to the point of knowing that it is time for both of you to move on. You are scare now and I feel you will stay with a female friend for a short time until your emotions settle , than you will begin to go through the healing stages, fear anger, acceptance, moving forward with your life. In a year from now you will not be the same person you are today, you will be stronger and feel that the life choices you will make will be more suited to your inner needs and yes there is another man in the wings for you and he will appear when you are ready for him. He seems to have worn a uniform in his life work like a pilot in the air force. He is of a good nature and Harold is a name that comes in around him as his or a good friend of his. You will begin to enjoy your life again and I feel you will go places and do things that you never thought you would. Your children will be happy for you and want to be around you again. You will make new friends and Josephine is a name I am receiving that will be a good friend for you, Mary, and there is the name of John and Finney. The state of AZ comes in around you here also, I don't know where you live , but AZ will play a role in your life. Travel is in store for you, so look forward to that new way of living and get a new pair of shoes and when you are ready, put them on and start walking into a future that will bring you blessings and joy to share. Shuabby