I have to agree with Magickal to a degree. Obviously everyone has far more than their sun sign to consider when regarding compatibility but at the same time, it's true. If the signs are compatible then one way or another it will probably work out. I have a million Cancerian friends, and one in particular has had a pretty strong effect on me, and I have to say his ups and downs (push/pull) seem much stronger than the other Cancers around me--but he is one of my closest, dearest friends. I know when to back off and give him his space, and I know just when to step in and show a little love or to say hello. During the times he is doing his thing I miss him terribly but something I've learned is that even when he is "away" (and socializing with others) he misses me just as much. How do I know all this? Well, my sun is in Pisces. It's kind of a given that we get along and are as close as we are, but there have been struggles. Both my moon and rising are Gemini, and with the outgoing and chatty nature of the Twins (and that I have two of them, how fitting!), sometimes I am just "too much" for him to handle, or I have to learn to recognize the influence and get myself back up in the clouds, as it were, and trust my intuition. Once I learned that, after a few big bumps in the road of our friendship, things have been smooth sailing. Not that I don't miss him when he's gone, or that sometimes a phone call left unreturned doesn't sting a bit, but I've really truly learned what it means for our relationship--that it's just him being him and me being me, and that's it. It's just how we are. I've learned that lesson time and time again with every Cancer in my life, and I never truly absorbed that lesson until this one in particular. So, original poster (OP), my advice is to do as Magickal said: understand more about the compatibility of you and your Cancer, and definitely learn their moon and rising if possible, then work through that. I believe that every relationship can work: I have had many friendships with people I am supposedly "incompatible" with but we still found a way for it to work out right. And Cancers just take a ton of patience. A ton.