Hello, learning the tarot takes time, its a lifetime learning experience, i started when i was only 16, am now 31, and still learning, as we develop as spiritual beings we also develop our connection more and more with the tarot... You cant rush the process, first of all start by learning the first 22 cards, the major arcana, they are the main cards, all the other cards are also very important, but its best to start out with those 22 first, and you can do readings with those to begin with, then as you get used to them, you can start adding the other cards... But i also agree that by taking one card out a day and really looking at it , can help you , the more you observe the more you learn, the tarot is not just about leaning the meaning of each card, its so much more, you must trust your inner voice and intuition and "feel" what the cards are telling you and showing you, also of course there are many books out there that can help, start out with a 3 card reading past present and future and see how you get on. All the best!