irisheyes>> maybe when he told me not to come over to his house unless I was told to I should of thought something then, Sandran712>>Yes this was a BIG RED FLAG you should always trust your gut....Everyone has intuition.It protects us from harm.But, some people have stronger intuition.Like myself.My son cannot talk so I have to rely on intuition on a daily basis.Other red flags are..Only one phone number(mostly business number)They don't tell you where they live.But, they know where you live.They say they work alot.And they don't have time for you.NEVER TELL A GUY YOUR PLANS IN DETAILS.Example..I am going with a friend on such and such.Guys use this to juggle their time slots to be somewhere else. I was with an Aries.And tho I never had a problem trusting him.I wondered what he did with himself when he wasn't with me.I never drove a car.But, I found transportation to look him up.He was never with a woman.But, hid things from me.Sometimes you are better off not knowing what they do with their time.In your case it was hurtful.In my case it was hurtful too.But, my intuition picked it up.I asked him and he told me.