Hi Ik! Whether your relationship emerges in the professional or private side of your lives, it gives the two of you an opportunity to kick around ideas in an environment of easy camaraderie. Your friend can be a powerfully dominant personality but her aggression is generally less apparent in this relationship, probably because of the distance factor. With her, you may feel free to express your creativity, knowing you are appreciated and understood. This relationship can mark a high point in both your lives, renewing your good feelings about yourselves and reaffirming your self-confidence. However the relationship can fall prey to temperamental differences - your friend tends to be bossy and can be a bit insensitive to others and you may adore her but may feel inadequate to handle her often tumultuous energies. If either of you was coming our of a failed marriage or love affair when you met, it would have helped your relationship to take root because self-esteem would have been low. Such a relationship may start slowly but move with a knowing purposefulness. Building trust however is not always easy and it can take a while to establish the idea that love might once again be a possibility. So take your time. You Ik, will appreciate not being hurried or pushed and your friend will value simply being given a second chance to get it right. But you two can still end up out-of-synch, especially if you are not together on a face-to-face basis. Your friend is very charismatic, adventurous and social and has a problem with sticking with anything for very long. She tends to prefer people who will agree with her and follow her blindly but these are not the best type of friends for her to have. It may take her a long while to realise this though and she may have an abundance of sycophantic fans around her until she does come to understand that those who question her methods are far more helpful to her in the end. But, if you show her any jealousy or possessiveness over her number of friends, she will be gone. This rather ephemeral relationship may not last (your friend is not really the responsible type) but you can enjoy it while it does. But don't twist yourself in knots wishing things were different. Accept what is. Build your self-confidence and don't be unduly influenced by your past.