Well said eatsrainbows! That is exactly how it is with my now (Former) Pisces. We have a very strong sexual/emotional connection but his overthinking things and thinking things that aren't happening ultimately drove me away. I can't deal with an people that constantly make me feel like i have to be on the defensive all the time. It drives me nuts! You would figure since this is my second relationship with a Pisces I would of learned LOL My ex whom is a Gemini (was with for only a year) and I broke up with cuz I wasn't feeling him like he was feeling me, is still trying to reconcile. May think about that, who knows.... I can say that in my almost 39 years of life I have never been married but have been in a few long type relationships. my first was Pisces (10 yrs) but I think it only lasted that long cuz we had the 2 kids together and he was in jail for most of them so I didn't really have to deal with him LOL. I seem to end up with mostly water signs but find I have a better connections overall with fellow fire signs. For friends I find that I get along with most people in general but my close group tends to be fire and air signs. Shadyink, congrats on being clean! And thank you for serving, we appreciate everything you sacrificed! Sometimes life just sucks. Its what you learn from it and how you proceed that makes the difference. It sounds like you have a plan and as long as you have goals and aspirations and try to stay positive it should all work out. As for the Gemini thing. I have only dated one and he really was a great guy. I have this tendency to sometimes fall into a relationship and be loving it and all of a sudden it just kind of loses its appeal and they feel more like a friend to me. That is what happened with him. Most Gemini's that I know are actually family members and I think they are pretty awesome. But its easy when they are family LOL So why not give it a shot and see what happens?! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Happy Birthday to all my fellow Sag's. Mine is the 19th and going to party!