Foreverinluv, hello, I would really appreciate your insight on anything you can please help with: you are feeling squeezed out by others. my DOB is 10/26/68: this signifies that indecision or worry about some money matter may be a large part of your experience now. This has such a strong creative energy associated with it that if you don't find some productive, creative outlet for its energies, you will inevitably feel afraid and indecisive. The key is to find ways to express yourself now. It could also mean getting two opportunities for work at one time or having to split your time between two projects or money-making deals. Often variety can be a blessing allowing you to explore other areas. Usually, however, lack of focus brings lack of achievement or lack of detail in one project or the other. Knowing this may help you avoid wasting this invaluable creative force. I do not know your private e-mail-adress (maybe it was deleted here), but you can contact me over, my username is . Really would like any advice you are able to send my way: you are a strong woman, be the empress of your life trusting in your nature. Touch is the only unspecialized sense in your body. And this is the biggest sense; it covers the whole body. It is the primordial sense. In the mother's womb the first sense that comes to the child is touch; other things evolve later on. But the first thing that the child starts feeling is touch; that's why there is a great hankering for touch. If your loved one does not touch you, you will feel unsatisfied. There is a need to hug, a great need because that is your primordial sense, the fundamental sense. All others are specializations.