Energy effects children very much! I worked with little ones for ten years. What children lack in thought process they make up for in "vibes". It is their language to behave accordingly with the vibes surrounding them. That's how a GOOD teacher controls a room---not by fear only but by being the ALPHA in a roomful. Children sense a teachers firm confidence and follow signs of her energy--her body language etc. Teachers know that to go to work sick or with a headache or stressed means her class will be out of sorts as well. I worked in a Montessori school where teachers use less control methods and are more about not controlling the child but REDIRECTING the child or the environment. Also, children love to be useful and by nature are pleasers so giving them jobs even if they are not perfect can help them feel less needy and more independent. Also, be aware that children go through general phases of growth that pass. And you should Know that the most intelligent future leaders often have the hardest time with behavior between 3 and six----they have to grow maturity to match their intelligence and leadership qualities. It is natural that they can be stubborn and insist doing it their way---they get bored easily and can be extra demanding and get into situations meeker children never think of.What can turn out to be excellent adult gifts can really test you as a parent or teacher of a little one who is learning discipline and boundaries. Mostly, little leaders hate being told what to do so adults need to always word commands as a choice but stress that choices come with consequences. Before punishment it should be stressed that it was their choice--that they made a wrong choice. Reward them for good choices by acknowledging the little stuff. This way it helps you withe carrying the guilt of enforcing consequences. Also know that children DO have to be told the same thing everyday--sigh--it's true that for little ones everyday is a clean slate and they will always try to get a rule bent. Consistency is key. If you bend a rule once--a child will take it as permission to keep trying. Never negotiate with basic rules---a good teacher walks away without eye contact from a child's attempt to argue what is firm in a teachers boundaries. Also, some temper tantrums are just needed meltdowns---a nervous system release that means nothing else. It's harder for moms than teachers not to over think the normal things. BLESSINGS!