A love affair or marriage here can be highly romantic, yet at the same time not entirely serious. Thus, there is a kind of healthy self-consciousness at work that alerts the relationship to its own pretense. Both of you are realistic enough not to kid each other, but occasionally you get carried away with your own dramas. One of you, seeing the other shed tears, may have trouble controlling his or her own emotions. But keeping your sense of humour - while not going to the opposite extreme of laughing at the other person's problems - is important. Sometimes there can be a mocking edge to your words or in the tone with which they are delivered that could indicate irony, sarcasm or a double meaning. The main energy of this relationship in fact goes into wordplay and intellectual activities. Keep any negativity under control and look for the best in things. Enjoy life without critical examination or comment. Both of you are Librans, so in this relationship your strengths and weaknesses are doubled. Your charm, fairness, and diplomacy is two-fold but so is your indecision, timidity, and argumentativeness. One or both of you will have to take decisive action if you are to be together. Librans tend to want to fit in, to pretend, to blend like a chameleon into the world and not upset the harmony. You two do need to be loved - you're just not sure if you want to be loved by just one person or humanity at large. You swing back and forth between intimacy and social involvement, hoping to be caught by a commitment that totally grabs you but always evading capture at the last moment. It may be the drama of your romance that excites you rather than the actual act of commitment. You must both be very sure of your relationship before you take any radical steps to be together and possibly cutting yourselves off from your families. Once you are together without any dramas, life may become rather boring and routine.