I am a libra and have been in two relationships with a Taurus, in fact, they have the exact same birthday, but 12 years apart. What I like about them is that I feel very grounded. The first one was a cheater, in the worst way possible. He was also passive, and after a time, very boring. He did not like to try new things, always wore the same exact things, was very lazy--- just sat around and watched tv. In fact, even the shows he watched were boring! Old westerns and such. And he got drunk all the time. The second one was also grounding, but not a cheater. I don't think he is capable of it. Even if he didn't like the person anymore; he wouldn't do it, he would leave first. He had been in three long term relationships and never cheated on any of them. And he was not boring at all, he was in fact, the most fun person I had ever met, and very productive. Not lazy at all, and always wanted to try new things. And he does not like to drink, not really. He will have a little if its around type of drinking. So I don't think you can go by what other Taurus's have been like with other Libras. The two I was with were totally different. The sensuality was similar, ... but that was it, as far as being alike.