emeraldprincess, Yes, of my children, I know that my oldest son was an important part of my past. When that life was shown to me he was my older brother and our father then is my father in this life. ( Geez, that felt complicated to explain. ) I tend to view the term soul mates, not so much as a romance thing, more as souls that travel together to learn and balance .... what has been left unfinished, to accept responsibility and to heal, for example. Corny, maybe, but ... as mates traveling together for our souls. And, it may not be all lovey -dovey, ya know? The lesson of the soul even from a soul mate, may appear harsh & negative, but it is from a place of love, for growth. Its an interesting puzzle. I can guess at the mates of my soul when I look at my life but I am only 100 % sure of four people.