I agree with Piscespiggy, I think you need to think through what you really want, as it seems that your needs are not being met in many directions. Personally I think you may just be "barking up the wrong tree" with this man. Realize that Virgo men find just as much comfort in quietly working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, as they find in any relationship. They do nothing in a hurry or without complete certainty, and even if they take one step forward, they can easily take two steps back again if struck by some "flaw" in any particular path. Are you prepared to wait this man out indefinitely with the possibility that you STILL won't win his heart? If so, prepare to be patient, self-reliant in your solitude while he sorts himself out, and expect to cry a few tears over what appears to be his indifference towards you (because it may indeed be indifference, that's just part of the problem, he's impossible to read). You sags are people of action and openess. I struggle to see you being happy with this man long-term based on the struggles you are having now. Think very much about whether you have your eye on the prize so much that you haven't thought through what it would be like if you really get it. Are you familiar with Linda Goodman's book, "Love Signs"? It is a fascinating, in depth look at compatibility between sun signs. If you get a chance have a look at the information about Sag women with Virgo men. She describes this as a "tense" combination, but there are some bright spots. (Too much to write here, so please try to find the book.) Good luck to you!