I, myself also have been in a very long relationship with a Libra, 23 years. I am also a Capricorn. I gave my husband his space, but he smothered me a lot and always accused me of cheating, which I had been faithful for the entire 23 years of the marriage. My husband can go out and stay out all types of time of the night and I never questioned him about being unfaithful in the relationship, but he will always accuse me of being unfaithful, so I started to wonder about his infidelity after so long. After 23 years of my life of being with only him, he decided to walk out on me without any explanation and didn't think I deserved one. After being missing in action for about a month he comes back to tell me nothing still. I can only assume that he moved on. I asked him where have he been and he told me nothing, so I felt that 23 years meant absolutely nothing to him. After 3.5 months of separation, I also moved on and intend to get a divorce in the near future. He still comes around to flaunt his affairs in my face, but I don't know what it's all about. He really need to move on and be happy with his decision, because when I'm ready for another relationship, I think his feelings are going to be hurt, but he set everything into motion.