This combination's focus must be on cultivating flexibility and openness. You two can learn how to air significant differences of opinion without harming the relationship. When things are going well between you, they can go very well indeed, but this presupposes a need on the part of one or both of you so that one gives in to the other's wishes. Should either of you feel the urge to exert your individuality, the matchup can be rocked to its foundations, since you two often have extremely different attitudes and opinions. The good times or mutual reassurance you can share is no guarantee of the relationship's underlying stability or health. Providing the freedom within the relationship for differences in individual style is the key to its success. You Dinglydell have a more earthy pragmatic approach to life than your more emotional and often secretive partner. A love affair here can be both frustrating and satisfying and will usually show a high level of emotional involvement, sometimes torturously so. The relationship will seldom be taken up with power struggles, since for the most part you two are both doing your best and have no interest in controlling or injuring your partner. Yet injury often occurs and it is sometimes best for you both to back off, give up physical contact, and and try to be good friends instead. However if you can make it to marriage, this can be an excellent union with just a modicum of effort. Serious, responsible, but also optimistic attitudes are usually the rule in a marriage between you, with both giving your all for the common cause. Problems can arise here however if you two find yourselves on opposite sides of the ideological or social fence or become engaged in business, sporting or social competition - neither of you can expect the the other will give any quarter or offer to capitulate. Try instead to create an open forum and encourage individual expression. Try to sense the needs of the moment and don''t create artificial barriers. The strengths of this relationship are its independent, aspirational and responsible attitudes. Its weaknesses are intolerance, hurtfulness, and inflexibility. Work on your weaknessess and bring out your strengths and this matchup can be very successful.