Hi"Crazybeautiful" wow, trust me when i say dont worry about it too much, when you trying to fugure them too much they simply drive you crazy. Try to hear what his saying, his not over his ex and somehow he most be freaked out to have so many things in commun with you. he need space just give him some and try to act cool. i know the situation about the confusion and the no reply to calls and txt, i dont know why they do this but just try to keep yourself busy and give him space. Some men simply confuse you and they seen to be Gemini. They also seem to be sensitive creature i m pretty sure they most confuse themself more then you get confused by them. try to take it easy and dont let yourself be drag in his rollercoaster mind. you know you need to take it easy so you need to be the one that drive the car, if you let him drive it you are going to crash more then once dont worry too much about what is saying, his maybe testing you out too take it easy.