yes, I would expect that trust would have to be very important, and certainly not something that could create jealousy. The point I think would be to have this other viewpoint, a shared heart with another(s) with whom you and your BF are both very comfortable. As I was thinking of your situation, I keep sensing this kind of isolated sense, like your relationship with your bf was something isolated, cut off from the rest of the Universe... and the two of you feel like you are both alone at sea together... almost a sense of aloneness in the midst of the two of you. And so my heart keeps searching for some way to connect the both of you into something larger so that you don't feel like everything is hinging on the two of you. Since you are both Cancer, the feeling i have is that when you are together this feeling of being alone in the Universe is amplified by the fact that you both share the same Sun Sign... so then you finally cry out, arghh! there has to be a wider Universe than that! So you two run apart from each other in hopes of finding that connection with the larger love that is the love that encloses and surrounds us all. So that led me to think, what about another partner or a couple with whom you are both very very comfortable. Preferable opposite on the wheel as we talked about so that they can bring a balancing spirit into the mix... it is something to consider anyway. My own experience seems to show that conj sign or adjacent sign relationships can be a challenge. Here are some cards to open this out a little... using the Lovers Tarot by Lyle... Four of Pentacles - This is a card of a security concerns... for a Cancer security is paramount. So when you two are together it could be like OMG even though we have a nice enough relationship, there is something here that is reminding my of my own need for security and it could turn out that you had to run in order to escape the deep need you were sensing for that security... imagine you are lost on a desert thirsty... and you meet your bf on the desert and he is thirsty too! Now, you both could really like each other a LOT, and yet still not be able to meet each others needs for water. You could keep gazing into each other's eyes however that ain't gonna satisfy your thirst .. so you say look, let's split up and each look for water, and as soon as I find some, I will send some smoke signals and we can get back together! That is kind of the picture i am seeing... which led me to the thought of an expanded relationship where you find the water (balancing energy in another individual's loving presence), and that provides the water that you and your bf need,... then you reach out to him... "hey, i think i have stumbled on to something, i have a friend (Ms Q) who I am really close to... and she is a Capricorn and I want you to meet her... have a really nice dinner with candles and wine and set the mood and see where the energies take you... you should talk it over with your bf first and make sure he is willing to try it... You mentioned the jealousy factor... and that could actually be a good thing for you to feel... because part of this security thing with Cancer is, once they get their claws on something they want, they do not like to let go. So that exacerbates the security concerns... now, surprisingly the way to be free of that is to intentionally expose the relationship with your bf to that possibility. Then, inside yourself you are becoming aware that you are very confident and trusting in the Universe to work everything out for the best. Then, that is where you find your connection in the love above, that wider, vast pool of "love waters" from which to connect all of you together into a larger sphere of love. I am probably not saying all of this exactly right however I hope you gain the sense of it. As for what is permissible in this larger joining between you, bf and Ms Q (and another?) is up to you to discover and identify. It could make for pleasant dinner conversations! As you open your hearts totally to one another, trust flows and grows... it could be very, very nice... the moon is in a nice phase now for nice new things to start up. First Quarter! Perfect time to call Ms Q today and see what she is doing Friday night for dinner?