Thany you!,you are absolutley right finding someone who is on the same intensity level ?Inever thought of it that way before!With the Scorpio placement it takes alot of patience I suppose it just so strong with a Venus placement in Scorpio,even in the ascendant sign Scorpio does draw out the allure,magic,magnetism that goes into animal magnetism...LOL..We definetly don't need Viagra,or Cialis that for sure,lmao....I think you Aquarians have a fine sense of humor and some unconventional ways to draw the Cap out into the open feelings thing?.The planning thing is one way to ensure that us Caps do love to spoil our better halfs;When you do get this Cap under your control if you please?You'll see an even more deeper side that few ever see only to those that are in the "inner-circle get to may be pleasantly surprised by the level of attention that will be showered upon,this is true.As Isaid earlier use your humor to your benefit Ipersonally Aquarian women compliment my style of humor,the ones I've known over the years,and hadrelations with..I hope all this does really workout for both of you?,just remember Caps get younger as they get older and do remain loyal thru the yearsI'm sure you folks will find away based upon what you are sharing in this post.Unfortunately yes I've learned some very hard mistakes by using psychics of all varieties with much sadness.That's why Iposted that one to you it would be a shame to lose out on something special,I really do hope this works out for you with much happiness.Maybe one day when you have your tarot cards mastered Icould get a reading from you!..LOL! Good luck cm2010