Bigomy is a far stretch for what is happening to the two of you. Since getting married is such an emotional thing it sometimes clouds our perception. So what if you get married and you never find his divorce paperwork. Is there anyone out there who you or he know that would go running to the authorities screaming that bit of news. Think about it realistically for a minute, in the shape our economy is in today, and all the people out there who can barely pay rent and put food on the table is a far more important topic than a couple who got married after they could not find the husband's divorce decree. Lighten up, and focus on the problem at hand, your fiances' ability to find work. That should be what you are both focusing on. Maybe you need to assess why it is taking him so long, it would seem to me even in this horrible economy, Florida must have something he can do. Maybe he should stop looking for something comparable and look for something that suits the needs of his move and your lives together. What do you do for a living? I don't know I am very leery of people and something doesn't feel right about this man. I am not convinced this man is someone you should marry.