Okay first of all, you just graduated college; you have so much going for you right now, & I know that you have strong feelings for this guy (We're both cance & our birthdays are only acouple days apart so I have no doubt we have at least afew similar charicteristics! LoL) But the main thing you have to remember is HE hurt YOU. You seem like your devoted to him & all though he may say he's devoted to you too, he needs to SHOW it not SAY it. Actions speak louder than words in my opinion, so dont ever let his words fool you. Give him some time to see if he can own up to being a good guy for you, & if he cant, then kick him to the curb. Theres a ton of other guys you will be glad to have you, who will actually treat you the way you should be treated. And I know age doesnt really matter, but your a cancer, you need a guy that is mature, this guy is younger than you. Maybe try finding a guy thats a year or two older than you. They say guys dont mature as fast as girls anyway. As for the cap friend: .....SHAIME ON HER!!!!! Any friend that gets with someones boyfriend isnt a friend at all. Thats a home wrecker right there.