Your love affair for the most part is likely to be magnetic, physical and sensuous, reaching new heights in torrid sexuality, much to the delight of the both of you. But you are both very opposite in personality, and your individual approaches to the world are miles apart. Very occasionally, the relationship may also be volcanic, unleashing hostility along with desire and passion. Marriage will be a much more stable relationship - if you two can make it that far. Your marital home can become a reliable and comfortable haven from the world's pressures. Fighting can be kept to a minimum (unlike in the love affair) and peaceful evenings can unfold. You BST will enjoy being able to walk through the door and relax after a tough day and your spouse will like being appreciated for what he has to give. You two usually make well-defined demands of each other but your marriage would tend to keep your requirements of each other to a minimum and see you settle for what is rather than what could be. However, this is not to suggest that you two are by any means turned off, but rather that the marriage's emotional intelligence would be high. There is an appreciation here of the value of compromise and understanding, and a realization that impatience and constant anger are counterproductive and undesirable. But before you two can reach this state of domestic bliss, you will have to weather some very tense and stormy times indeed. There is no guarantee that you will reach this marital haven at all unless you are both prepared to work very hard indeed. Friendship is a lot easier than a love relationship here. It is often relaxed and productive. Equality is the norm between you and this may be the best and easiest relationship of all for the two of you.