Hi. I think you should just focus on yourself, If you really DO want to stop with the pill taking. For me.. I had a problem with alcohol and have gotten myself 2 d.u.i's. I've stopped drinking. But mainly because my friends are doing their own thing.. i dont talk to any of them anymore, so i dont really have anyone to drink with. I also cant drive. So i cant go to the bar and drink, and i dont have a job. So i cant go buy anything. Yeah.. this is some serious discipline. But what helps is taking up a hobby. I like making clothes and what not, i like playing guitar, and exercising should be really good for you too. im pretty creative as it is so i NEED a creative outlet, so therefore I need to take up hobbies or i will croak. But if you dont really care about creativity maybe you should exercise or go running to get your mind off of using. Meeting new friends aslo would help alot. Or just going to a local church and talk to people, meet people. I really hope you stop using and take care of yourself. Maybe he can join you.