It's really hard not to go to extremes when replying to a situation like this. It's true...he had to cut you off because you posed a perceived threat to his marriage. Fact #1: his wife does not feel secure. Fact #2: Guys like this can't be "just friends" no matter how hard they try. Fact #3: He misses the relationship he was forced to abort, so that's why he's talking to somebody else. The fact that she's not the "nicest person" you know fools him into thinking it'll be easier not to let that friendship get between him and his wife. Fact #4: His marriage is already in trouble. Fact #5: Don't take it personally, but he's co-dependent. Count your blessings and run like hell. I know he seems nice, but even if you ended up together, you'd be the wife that didn't understand him and he'd still be talking to somebody else, because there's too much at stake for him emotionally to be truly honest and open with his main squeeze!