I do believe it is common knowledge that Scorpio MEN are known for these non-commital, stressful, self indulgment times. It always starts out good and ends up confusing, exhausting, and resentful. My advise, get out, and don't look back. Could you possibly imagine an entire lifetime of dealing with this, or worse yet, put children through this! If this behaviour he is exibiting is bad now just imagine five years from now. Look you existed long before this man came into your life. He did NOT breathe the breath of life into you, he does not define you. Now, grow a pair and get yourself out of this mess, if not for you than your future children. Go back to a time before you knew this man and re-kindle your old hobbies, activities, passions, and get back to the basics, believe me you will find happiness. One last thing, he will undoughtably come running back to you as you pull away, you must get past this and really move on. Your life depends on the right choice here. You will never find your future husband and the father of your children until you totally close this door. Keep us posted, and I hope this helped.