aries, I can only share with you what my experience was in the same situation- I met someone who was telling me about the neighborhood he lived in, and how I would get to know this one and that one....obviously planning a future.. I left a camera at his home one day, and called on sat morning to retrieve it. When he didnt answer after several tries, I felt he was purposely not answering, so I went over, after leaving a message I was on my way. As I drove up to his house, sure enough...there was a strange car in the driveway. He had a sleepover. I so understand how you feel. You think your future includes someone...and then all of a sudden it doesnt. I dont know why your messages arent being returned...but I think it is time to move on, especially in this vulnerable state. It will become clear later. You are not alone. You have angelic beings with you and God's love is with you as well. Hope you are in better health regarding the hospital visit.