Gemini men are very smart and very confusing, i been dating a gemini man few times and we been talking for about 9 months now.our first meeting was kind a surprise we agree to meet up after 8 months talking to each other, the meeting was agreed by him. i went to the meeting with nothing more in mind, keeping him inform by txt where i was and when i get there. when i got there....he was not there, he was not responding to any of my txt or his phone. i was surprise and i couldn't imagine anything that could happen or create this issue. anyway he gave me no answer about it, i felt deeply hurt. 3 weeks late he quickly apologise telling me "it was nerve". we got things on track since then but he never changed how he keep letting me down. the roller coaster keep turning and turning. birthday, christmas, valentine and bad days coming and his nowhere to be seeing during those time, he come and go as he please. i tried to convince myself that i was not really bother of not getting my need met but still you cant run too far from the truth, dont you? one day he asked to see me and again i drop everything to respond to him and of course what happen he let me down again, it's no longer a surprise now i got fed up and told him it's over i m tired i can do this anymore,this happen on the friday he asked me to meet up , he just give silence after i message him and end thing he sent me a message tell me he met someone that has a kid and he want to try with her. just like that he met someone else he always told me he didnt want to be tie down i didnt think he will be dating someone that has a kid the great thing at that point is i felt absolutely nothing when i got the message, instead i felt so liberated To everyone on here that met those guys, i m aquarius and i see everywhere that we should get alone with those guys and blah blah about why they are the way they are and why will need to put up with their shite. is anyone wonder really what we are doing to ourself with anyone not just gemini man, anyone that make us feel like an idiot, unworthy it of love and some kind clown on waiting list? Gemnini are extremely smart i m sure when they play their mind game and when they expect people to work around their busy schedule they do actually know what they are doing.dont they? when they tell you, they love you and then minute late they dont is because somehow in that mind his maybe too afraid to be alone so he keep you for now the only way to keep up with them is to play mind game too, play the not interested, yeah keep chasing me etc. because anyone know if you start to show your real feeling they will runaway dont they? is this a life to pretend to be someone else just to keep a guy? and if anyone out there wonder if it's true love, if they really love you, wonder this? if you have play game to keep him or be wanted by him, dont you think that you are kind living a lie somehow? and ever you did everything to please Mr Gemini, one day you walk on street and found out that his with someone else, what would you do then? i think it;s so beautiful when two people have respect and true love for each other and friendship i tried all my heart to give my love and friendship to this guy after taking his shite all the time but i realise i had nothing from him, he was not my friend, not someone that cared for me he was coming to me when he felt like it, i had no control on the relationship at all tell me anyone out there, what kind relationship it's this? can you ever start to call this a relationship? like i said i m aquarius and i wanted to believe on the great fantasy to match with gemini man but gemini man are not for me they have no appreciation about quality they all about quantity they take you for granted i m surprise by reading all the ad here that no one figure out that they are not damn worth it, you take all those shite for what for? i thought people were together because they feel good not because they feel shite and used? for my part they can all go to ****, all gemini men, playing games is the only stimulation they are after it's like a cat playing with mouse its' true that they dont have much understanding about feeling but they do feel and i think they cant handle what they are feeling, but surely any Gemini out there should understand in the game, confusion or deny they feel that anyway they are hurting the very first person that love them in end thats what they losing but hey i m not missing my gemini man a bit I see everywhere that a lot aquarius appreciate them, a lot my friends are aquarius and most of them are dating a gemini man the only reason and aquarius will date a gemini man is because they are complex and it will take time to some aquarius and some people to see that 1. their real need are not met by those guys, what you get is the trill of long chase. gemini like the chase but so the people that date them and keep been letting down by them. " there more pain then Gain" " Monday they make you feel good and then BAM the next day you mean nothing to them" NO, no, no this not right for anyone to treat you this way ANYONE, EVERYONE DESERVE MORE know your worth and stand by it you deserve more