Well “AngstyV” Forgot his Gemini but still they seem to behave all the same it’s starting to be so hilarious in way. Instead on trying to adapt to whatever his doing try to focus on what you want and what you can handle For my part for example I couldn’t handle a guy that txt other girls etc, I don’t care what the excuse is, if you txt other girls or chat to other girl in dating mind and then telling me its nothing then I have a question to ask, why are you doing it?? And Whats Wrong with the way I LOVE YOU???? And I will ask him another question: if there is something wrong with the way I love you then tell me so I can learn and improve thing, if you want thing to work out then work it with me instead of going out there and look for a new girlfriend. How would he feel if you were doing this too? Apparently flirting for Gemini are not cheating but in my view it is cheating because you exchange conversation with this person, dreams, picture and video with this person and maybe meet up with this person. Someone that drink coffee and tell you : No it’s not coffee really it’s not, Is taking you for a fool Also if someone keep denying or ignoring your need each time you trying to share it, is someone that don’t really care for you Make some rule girl, if he want to contact other woman, in real life or on the net, then both of you need to be single and then he can do it If he doesn’t take the time to understand you and stop the things that hurt you is not worth your time You need to start looking closer to what is happening inside of you when all this happening in order to know what to do about it If your fear to lose him or end the relationship is bigger then the love and the concern for yourself then you are not going to be able to find a balance with him at all. Sometimes and a lot times this day, LOVE is simply not enough and Simply no good enough if you don’t get respected or valuate for the person that you are. You know what to do, don’t get yourself brain wash and don’t try too much to understand and analyse his move His moves are crystal clear, simply wrong toward you so do something about it for yourself. When the person that you love doesn’t love you , you need to not let yourself down and LOVE yourself more