Angels12 I don't usually read for others on the forums, but I saw your rather vague message, and thought I'd see what I could do for you with a short tarot reading (3 cards). I heard the following song lyric run through my head, btw, when I was shuffling: "Where are you going, with your long face, coming down" 1st card: Four of Cups - It feels to me as if you are just emotionally tired. Perhaps you need a break; maybe try not to figure everything out at once and all at the same time. It can be a bit overwhelming that way. 2nd card: Queen of Pentacles: You have everything available to you that you need to move forward, within yourself. All of the Queens are strong, but this one is especially practical and grounded, and rather good at manifestation. 3rd & Final card: The Fool: Let go. Don't let your fear hold you back, and you will soar. Hope this helps. TruSpirit