Thank you Watergirl for your reading!! It is true that lately I've been working from my "headspace". I'm working on learning to blend living in both my "headspace" and my heart instead of just one or the other. I do spend a lot time worrying about what my boyfriend thinks and don't want to get into conflict because it seems like all we do is have conflict. Actually when you stated I needed to loosen up and stop thinking so much I wondered if you were picking up my boyfriend's vibes because he is the "rational" one in the relationship and analyzes things to death. At times, I struggle with decisions because it is hard to know what I really feel about the situation and I want to make the right decision. You mentioned as far as counselling goes I am on the right path, however it may be in a different form than I am accustomed to. Could you tell me more about what that looks like? When it comes to expect good things to come me, I really struggle with that due to past experiences. Can you tell me would is coming up for me in the next coming months if you have the time? You are right on about a lot of things, your gift is amazing! Thank you so much! AngelGoddess