A love matchup can carry both of you away on a flight of romance, yet it has the ability to raise a red flag when there are problems. Your electric energies, Elisa, and Jorge's Scorpion seductiveness can coalesce in an exciting and pleasurable relationship. You two will exhibit an eclectic and airy style. As a couple, you will be interested in many intellectual pursuits, always maintaining a hopeful, optimistic and even enthusiastic outlook. For two such serious individuals, this is really something! There is a danger, however, that in your optimism you might ignore deeper problems, which will fester and grow larger, perhaps even becoming irreparable unless you deal with them. A typical issue is that while Jorge will usually be the more realistic, practical and financially sensible of the two of you, and is more willing to shoulder responsiblity, he may be angered by your refusal to do a fair share of the work. You in turn may grow tired of his nagging. You might agree to be more dedicated, if somewhat resentfully, or you may just turn off, becoming even more lax in your attitudes. A love affair here can peak quickly in the bedroom, then fall off in its intensity over a period of months. When the thrill is gone, the relationship may have little left to sustain it emotionally. In your particular combination, a couple may marry for other-than-romantic reasons, especially money, power or social prestige. A marriage here is likely to be quite complex, and its unraveling, should it occur, will take longer than that of a more ephemeral love affair. Your weighty friend Jorge appreciates the friendship you offer him as it gives him the fun and the diversion from other more demanding areas of his life that ne needs, but he may eventually tire of its lightness. You will enjoy his reliability, but in the long run could find him a bit repetitive and dull as a partner. And his secretiveness as you have found can be very annoying. Scorpios love to learn everything they can about others but give little away about themselves. Jorge is a very private person and the worst thing for him would be to have his dirty laundry aired in public. So you had better be able to keep his secrets or you will quickly find yourself divorced or cast out of the house. Yet he also has this opposing streak where he loves to be the admired centre of everyone's attention. From past relationships, he tends to associate mistreatment with love and may need to work hard to lose this belief. He can alternate between bouts of extreme romanticism and deep self-pity. Any possessiveness or fear of losing him on your part could bring about the very condition you fear: his departure. There is a tendency for people with your profile Elisa to be overly idealistic and romantic, and to prefer younger and younger partners as you grow older. If love and daily life with Jorge loses its novelty, you may feel trapped and frustrated. Consider your actions carefully before you jump into a love relationship with Jorge. Still, in this combination, it is frequently possible for the two people involved to have a love affair or even marry, then break up, and continue on as friends again.