Phychics plese help

  • im so confused my husband left me a year ago for another woman i filed for divorce immediately divorce is not final yet over me asking to much oh his retirement ect> havent talked in months but ran in to him last month and have talked several times he is lonely lost weight and by the way he acts i know he still loves me!!!! i have my own life but still care deeply haveing been married to him for 29 years with 2 grown kids is our marrige worth saving? if so we both need counseling should i ask or should i wait for him to bring it up? he is 02-24-58 i am 11-20-54

  • Good luck

  • My husband did the same thing to me, after 21 years of marriage and a total of 25 years together. For me it was easy to leave, and I got a divorce asap.

    Once my trust is betrayed, there is no going back. He tried to come back a few times and I refused. He too lost a lot of weight and was unhappy. As much as I loved him and wanted to keep the home together, I just couldn't and would not get over the fact he left me for another woman.

    However, this happened to a friend of mine, but she chose to stay with her husband, and it has been rough, she is on a roller coaster of anger and betrayal, but she refuses to leave him.

    You have to do want you think is best for you. NO ONE can make that decision for you.

    Sometimes, maybe its worth a second chance, maybe his affair will strengthen your marriage.

    I just know for me there was no going back.

    We are amicable especially for our young girls.

    I never liked the word "DIVORCE", and NEVER thought this would happen to me.

    I wish you all the best

  • thank you Piscesstar i think maybe i ll wait see what he says i dont think i will ever trust him again so there fore ill never have what we once had i use the phrase a lot he played he pays but thats not nice anymore

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