Worried about my sister please help:)

  • Hey anyone I was wondering if you would do a reading in regards to my sister her bd is 3/21/83 and her mans is 5/22/75 anyways what is going on is that she has intuition he is cheating or has cheated in the last 2 months. She keeps getting infections and now worried she may have an STD and he was out again all night last night... I worry he is her EX husband and was very abusive back in the day but she has decided now after 5 years to give him a second chance. Is he cheating? Do you think they are going to work out? Her worry is he is just not right... Please let me know your help would be much appreciated Thank you in advance!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • If he's physically hurt her before, he will do it again.

  • Tooraloo is so right.. he will hit her again. He is not cheating now but he will when he gets the chance. He wont think twice about cheating, he hasn't met any woman willing yet.

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