Boss driving me nuts, what did I do or not do?

  • My boss is driving me crazy! It's like a test of madness or something!

    For 10 months now I have done everything that I could for the store that I manage. Last week he mentions me possibly going to open up our new store, I say ok, but now the time is near and he's gotten flaky or something!! I don't understand.........what have I done or not done to do everything as close to perfect as possible? Ed's birthday is 05-15 (I'm pretty sure...if not its the 5th!)

    Please help I am going crazy and other then just asking him what the heck did I do I don't know what to thanks!

    Also am I going to wind up going to open the new store? I would be leaving Friday am if so! I have all sorts of people (employees & family) on hold, waiting to hear whats going on!

    I am trying to get my schedule figured out for work and home! I'm getting frustrated!

    He's also been a lot less talkative then normal on the phone too. Very short or just un-Ed(ish)

  • Hi, I wouldn't go crazy over him. Continue to do everything where your at and don't worry about the rest. Get the impression he's very busy. Can you mention to him anything like your still interested.

  • Thanks

    He is VERY busy & probably busier then normal at the moment actually. He definitely knows I am still interested. He has stated to me lately that he is just tired and worn out. I had asked him if he was down since we closed one of the bigger stores and he said no just tired. So maybe he's just tired and worn out.

    With that said;

    If I sit back and "study" it I have to wonder if it is because I am "closer" to the situation then most people. Another words since I more or less feel like I am in the "in" group whenever it comes to what's going on with the company maybe it's not me, maybe it's just him. I guess what I am trying to say is you know how you get on the nerves of the people you are closest to whenever you are stretched because you think they understand you the most? That maybe in the situation since I am more in the know then most maybe that's whats going on.

    It's just odd because normally we are each others "idea boxes" so him being quiet and not making his normal jokes etc sends me in a what the heck mode.

    It's funny too because astrologically speaking he's a Taurus and I am a Scorpio and thats how me and my ex were, that's why I didn't understand what went so wrong there. We were always bouncing ideas back and forth but then again when he was worn out he was in his own little world to, maybe it's just how me and the men born under this sign react!!

    Make sense any?

  • Hi, He's not going to be "out" with everything because it's business. He does know what he's going to do. I would not worry about it. Continue as you were in other words. A lot of times in business we may think things are one way and actually they're not. That's the difference in business and friendship.

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