Hi Watergirl 18 I'm needing reading please

  • Thanks so much for my previous reading in September watergirl18. You were right on the money as far as my relationship with my husband and my career. I am in the process of trying to regain equilibrium and regain the balance that I once felt. I wasn't sure if it was my career (I was a high school teacher of Graphic Arts for 10 years and was wanting something else) or my relationship with my husband, or both. I was also having health issues and found out that I am entering the beloved 'menopause' chapter in my life. I resigned my position as a teacher and left my husband (only for a weekend).

    I'm wanting to contribute in a different way, maybe return to school to finish my Masters degree so that I can teach at the College level, become a Master Gardener, or contribute to the community in some way. Can you please try to give me some insight into which direction I should take as far as my career?

    Also, my relationship with my husband has improved dramatically. Is this the man that I will grow old with?

    My DOB is 11/26/62. My husbands DOB is 01/19/65.

    Thanks so much for the previous reading. You are truly gifted and I appreciate any help you can give me.


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  • Thanks so much!

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