Reading Please...on TTC

  • I have 2 children, a boy & a girl. I been trying to conceive for a year and half. I really feel sometimes like is not going to happen. I feel like sometimes i'm waisting my time putting too much thought in pregnancy. I really want a 3rd baby. My 2 kids have different fathers. My son's father who i been with for 7 years now, seems to want a second baby with me. He also have a daughter with another woman. I hope i didn't confuse you. Sometimes i feel maybe is a sign i'm not ready for another child? I get depress and down about this. But i can't keep this out of my head. So I'm reaching out to see what i should do. Should i give up on thinking pregnancy? Am i ever going to conceive again? Thank you so much.

  • My name is Betty, and my birthday is Feb 6, 1981

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