Aura around me in picture. Any clue what it means?

  • I was going through pictures yesterday and came across one that was taken of me almost 3.5 years ago. It was when I was packing up and getting ready to drive cross-country to a place I've never lived and had only visited once, a month prior, in order to sign a lease on an apartment. I live in this state to this day.

    I don't have the picture with me at the moment, but when I get home, if I have a chance I will post it. In the picture is just me, taken with a normal digital camera I have a white aura that completely encompasses/outlines my body. You can see my face clearly, although my clothes are not really blurry, but they have a white "film" over it. You can still see/read what the sweater says. I think around my head, there is a pinkish glow, before it blends into the white. You can't really see anything else in the picture except for me and this 'whiteness'. I have never had or seen a picture before or since that looked like this.

    Anybody have any clues what this could mean?

  • Hello Minerva385

    I do believe at the time the picture was taken that you were in a time of deep inner transition and turmoil. You had some fear of what was to come and perhaps had prayed for help along the way. This picture is proof that you did indeed receive the spiritual help you needed to make the transition to where you are today. The white glow is the white light of God 's protection given in time of need. The pink glow at the top of your head means that you were searching for love the right kind that first has to come from you and were emitting this love and receiveing spiritual love at that time.

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