What is my right path, future, feeling so stuck and comfused

  • my dob 12-13-1986 hubbys 05-07-1985 daughter 11-09-2005 son 06-19-2009

    Ever since i was young i knew my place was to be a mommy. I am still happy with this but now i have pressure from my husband to go back to school and do something with my life. I want this also but feel torn between my children and going to school. Also lately i have had visions that i have not quite understood. some have happened and some have not. Some good, some bad. I do not understand my gift of dreaming these visions and at times i feel like they r just in my head even tho several have happened. I have also seen a spirit of a little girl when i was in the hospital after having my son and even felt how alone, scared and sad she was. I have seen other spirits but this was the first i have felt a spirit. Please if anyone can tell me where my life is going and what gifts i have and if they will get stronger please reply to me. I thank everyone that takes the time to read this...... destiny

  • Destiny, I do feel a sense of adventure and wanting to break out in you but I also think your sense that you must live up to other's expectations of you holds you back from going forth and exploring the world. You think everyone is expecting you to stay and look after your children and you don't wish to appear as a bad mum if you go to work or to school. But your most satisfying and fulfilling experience, apart from your family, will be getting to know yourself, findinf out exactly what you are capable of, and raising your self-awareness levels. And to achieve this, you need to spend some time looking into your own individual needs and wants to discover what they are. You have to 'do your own thing' according to your own impulses. And stop worrying whether you are disappointing people. You will be disappointing yourself if you don't take a chance. How lucky you are to have a husband who encourages you to explore your options!

    You would excel at any profession that requires initiative, independent action, innovation, or a pioneering spirit. You have a gift for seeing other people's point of view and negotiating diplomatically to ensure fairness. But to succeed, you must be prepared to follow a steady process of steps and not jump ahead or take any shortcuts on your journey. Hard disciplined work or study and focus are the only things that are right for you in your life. According to your numerology, you are in the perfect year - a 1 personal year - to start something new and learn more about yourself.

    As to your gifts, it sounds like you have an ability as a medium. There is plenty of info on the net about mediumship if you want to research it and it is certainly not something to be feared.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. U are right about everything u have said. I worry alot about how my kids will be without me home with them. I have a really hard time trusting people with them. They are my world. I would like to research mediums just to see what all it says although i do not think i have near the abilities i believe they have. Thank you again.

  • If you don't use your ability, like an unused muscle, it tends to wither away - but 'exercising' your ability will strengthen it and you will become more capable with it.

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