Separated and want him to come back to me

  • Anyone have any experience with marital separation.Please share your experience as there has been no contact latelybut no divorce yet either.

  • This is a very delicate situation, and I would need more details in order to give you any constructive advise, Ie: did you or the person want the divorce, was there abuse or addiction involved? If you provide more info, it will be easier for people to offer you advice.

  • We both made mistakes but I originally filed in oct.I was smothering and mothering but we were reconciling and agreed to drop the divorce but now I havent heard a word in weeks.I think he is being influenced by his daughter.She is 23 married and has kids of her own but always resented me.I do not know why as he was divorced for 6 yrs before ever meeting me.I dont want to chase and beg.I did all that already and have given weeks of space now.Confused!I am cancer He is Taurus

  • Id started to feel the relationship had gone a little one sided,also started picking up on the odd lie,I was spending more time looking after his daughter and house work then going out with him,that did'nt bother me becouse I not one to go out anyway. I all so ahave a full time job ,so I wanted the odd time stod with my man if and when I wanted,we aranged to meet for the last hour one sunday when he'd been out for a game of snooker,he wasnt there,I tracked him down to a pub up the road,there he was large as life with all his mates.I didnt say any thing ,just joined in.We then went some where else for the last one.Were his mate then told me I had no busness being there as hed been invited.I egnored as they were all drunk,all driving.any I told them they were all abunch of sad loosers ,picked up my bag and left,went home composed a text ,told him haw I felt and finished with him when I went to sort it out he wouldnt speak to me,so I packed and left. what naw ,I love him and thought he loved me,cleary not.????

  • No MANS WORTH YOUR TEARS.....If he was ,,he wouldnt make you cry,

  • my name is Joe i was married for 35 years and the last 10 years was hell. we split up and had a divorce. life was great for one to two years after the divorce. But then you discover it not the same, if you can try and do what ever you can to save what you had then do it. It will not be easy you may be the one to make all the changes only if what you had in life was good for a long time before it went bad. what ever they done can't be fix but can be forgiving. open your heart and see if you can still fine love there. If you can't then it time to move on but starting over will not be easy. when i'm feel low i like to listen to a song Rascal Flat song about 6 years back

    ( I'm moving on) good luck and only you can choose you path forward from here.

  • Thankyou so much Joe.I really needed to hear from a mans prospective.Should I continue to not try to chase him,but let him wonder what I am doing etc and contact me,or check in every once and a while.What makes a man reflect on the love he once had for a woman.What will lead him back to me,from a guys mind,what would make you miss your wife or girlfriend?

  • Kim1234, I can tell you from a women's perspective, I have been exactly where you are, the contacting him, even though you feel it's just a way to stay in touch, feels to the man like pressure, and they usually become more distant. Every person is different, the most important thing in your situation is to not cause yourself anymore pain. If getting in touch with him once in a while to just say hi, doesn't put him over the edge and makes you feel better, do it, you will know immediately after the first time you do it if it is desired by him as well. Men usually, especially Taurus (stubborn), don't like to feel pressured. Maybe just completely backing off would cause him to reflect and realize what he is giving up with you. Just cut the ties as much as you can without going crazy, that is usually the ticket that gets the best responce.

    I'm sending love and healing your way...

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