Scorpio woman in love with virgo man

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this site but find it very interesting and wanted to see if anyone can give me any advice. I have tried reading everything on virgo men but wanted to share my story.

    First of all the virgo man I am in love with is younger than me, 10 years. I was upfront with him about this, I never liked dating anyone one year younger much less 10 years! But here I am! lol.

    I met him at a club, I had been out of a relationship for about 2 years. I was enjoying my time alone. Being a Scorp, I am a bit reserved, do not trust easily,so I have very few TRUE friends, although I do have many aquintences. I am a very picky person especially when it comes to love and relationships. When I met Virgo man, we instantly had a connection, it was like we had known each other from before. Like I said, we met at a club, danced, had couple of drinks and at the end of the nite, he wanted to go somewhere intimate, which, of course, I declined and went home, but we did exchange numbers.. I thought I wouldn't hear from him but 2-3 days later he texted just to say hi and from then on, we texted casually, maybe once a day. This went on for about three weeks and on the third weekend, we met up and got intimate. Our connection was so strong after that, I could feel him, though he would not say a thing. We continued to see each other every weekend and seemed to be getting closer each time. He was very reserved with things about his past and his life in general and I love to know about people and their stories, especially someone who I'm interested in. But he kept it at a distant. It didn't really bother me at first, because I thought that even though we felt good together, this probably wouldn't last too long. He was younger, 32, and had never been married. He has a daughter and sees her on some weekends.To me he seemed like he was not ready for any real commitment, so I didn't push for anything, we just enjoyed our time together.I was very attracted to him. He was attracted to me.He was very caring. As the weeks went by he started to, casually, let me know that he didn't like me to be too friendly with any male friends. I liked that he was a little jealous.Slowly he started showing me signs that maybe, this was something more than a fling.Finally, about 2 months into the relationship, he said he loved me and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!!! After that, we couldn't get enough of each other, going out to movies, dancing, dinner! On my birthday he booked a mini cruise on a yaght for us and spend the evening talking about our future! everythign was going great, except for the fact that he started to get more jealous of who I talked to, always asked where I was and with who.He started telling me how he wanted me to dress, didn't like me wearing anything tight..He demanded I tell him every single detail about how my day went. he didn't like me going out with my girlfriends.....And I , being an independent woman, felt like I was being suffocated and overwhelmed. I started to lash out at him whenever he questioned me about anything... I started to back off and needed some space but he didn't understand and took like I didn't love him anymore...It got to the point where we were arguing all the time..On nite I decided to have a girls nite out with two of my closest friends, I told him about it. He was very disappointed in me and after that he started to back away from me. Not entirely, but noticeably. We had been a year together.So when I see him backing off, I start panicking and start getting clingy! at first he liked the fact that I was so needy of him, just with the little pulling away that he did, but he started doing it more and more. It got to the point where he wouldn't respond to my texts and would go on for days without talking to me. This would hurt me terribly so when he would call, I would get upset with him and we would start arguing. this back and forth has been going on for the last 8 months. He tells me he needs time to get over the disappointment of me going out with friends and being mad at him and arguing all the time. So I stop callling him, but as soon as the weekend comes , he calls and tells me he misses me and wants to see me. Sometimes I feel like he might just be using me but when I think of how he smiles at me when he's happy, how he touches me all the time, he always holds my hand in public and how he is always telling me he loves me, I feel his love is real and I don't think he would be doing all that if he didn't mean it...I feel very lonely when I don't hear from him, and he knows it because I have told him..So about three weeks ago, he went into one of his hybernating moods and didn't call or text me for about a week. I went out with a girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. I didn;t say anything to him since we weren't talking, but when we finally meet up to spend time together, he goes through my cell phone (he's done it before) and reads the texts between my girlfriend and I about the nite we went out and gets extremely mad, lashes out at me and breaks up with me. The texts didn't say much except where we were meeting and what time, but the fact that I went out without his "permission" really upset him. Now he says he can't trust me and needs time away to, after reading my story, my question is, is he worth the wait??....I have given him many, many chances to think things through. I am very hurt with him too....I cry all the time and the last time we talked, he sounded really frustrated with me....My head tells me to let go, but my heart says to stay... I have never loved anyone like him and no one has gotten through to me like he has. He is very demanding, critical, harsh but he is also very loving, caring, warm, at least with me. He says he has never felt this kind of love with anyone before....If I leave him alone, let him take all the time he needs, will it help our situation? He says he doesn't trust me, but I think he has trust issues in general, with everyone. I have never been unfaithful to him and never will. And I don't think he is talking to anyone else either. We were always together.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all this!!



  • I would like to add our birthdays...him 08/23/1978...mine 11/01/1968


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