I need help with selling my house

  • Please send prayers to help me sell my house. I have no income to make the payments. It needs to sell quickly. Please pray for prosperity and abundance to come my way soon,

  • Dear Alexis1828

    I feel that your house sets on some land? This will in itself help in the sell of the home or whatever is around your house is a selling tool. I get the sense that this will be a short sell and a couple will buy it , it feels like men to me brothers, or a couple with a child . When the house is to be viewed by people always say a prayer before they come and after the house is shown. The day before it's viewing light a green candle and ask for prosperity and abundance to come to you through the sell of your home. Keep us undated as I feel you will have good news in a short while.

  • Alexis,

    Many blessings to you, I pray that Anything you need concerning your home situation and financial circumstances be handled. many blessings to you and best wishes.

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