Ignorance is Bliss and Saves Money, Please Advise

  • Hello out there,

    If anyone has a suggestion on how to handle this situation, I would be greatly appreciate your input.

    Been seeing this guy for the better part of a year. We never rushed anything intimate untill a few months ago( more my idea to take it slow than his) Actually, things really cemented our relationship around the time of his birthday July 23, Leo.

    I tried to make his birthday special, as he said no one had ever made a big deal about it in the past. At that time, he knew full well when my birthday was ( yesterday Oct 13th, Libra)

    In the last month, on a one occasion, he brought up the date Oct 13th when talking about another issue and I said " Oh that happened on my birthday" However he made no comment and we moved on to another topic. In fact, he has not brought up my birthday at all in the past month or two. almost like avoiding the topic.

    Last weekend, I went out with a girlfriend to the bars and ran into a few of his friends, we never stayed long and no one acted out of line, however I know this made him mad and possibly embarrased him in front of friends.

    Problem: I spoke with him by phone at two different times yesterday and he never even acknowleged that it was my birthday! I have not spoke to him yet today and I don't know how to handle this. What should I say to him? Anything?. How big of a deal do I make of it?

    PS.I am extremely intuitive, I know with all my heart, he knew it was my birthday yesterday. I also think he was possibly trying to get out of spending money, showing his feelings, and teaching me a lesson after last weekend.

    How do I handle this? Any thoughts are welcomed,

    Thanks in advance,


  • Lol he is male. Males tend to forget important dates. My husband has forgotten my birthday on various occasions. They don't lay as much emphasis on those kind of things. However maybe you should ask him or let him know how you feel, no one can know unless you tell them. Poor you. I got very upset and threatened with divorce. Lol.

  • Thats what I'm not sure about, Do I tell him I know he is lying about forgetting? or pretend to buy his BS about not realizing my birthday?



  • This post is deleted!

  • I could have have cared less about a gift. But what does this say about a guy who is capable of this kinda stuff? Does it say that he really doesn't care about me? Or, is this type of thing more common than I realize?



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