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  • I am just wondering if anyone could do a reading regarding my health. There have been alot of unexpected bumps in the road this last 6 months and I am trying to move on....but I just wonder what lies ahead...

  • Hello BethB05,

    What is your DOB and what is your major concern. I'm not a medical intutitive so you may want to ask if someone who is to read in the medical area for you, but I will be glad to help you with a question you have in mind.

  • Oh....thank DOB is 10/11/65 and my question is in regard to I had a brain aneurysm coiled. There were no deficits from the surgery except for my right eye. That wasn't even an expected deficit. SO I am wondering what will happen with this. Thank you for answering me.

  • Hello BethB05

    I can tell you that you have a very good team of doctors on your side. One that looks young and has a moustach feels very intelligent in this field of medical expertized. I hear a John around you either in spirit or a man coming in to help you in some way.

    I want you to start to visulize yourself well and happy and full of energy to help your physical body to heal. If you do not have a good support group around you (Postive) people than please find a good church of your choice and include a Methaphysical one where healers would be present to add to your get well list. I feel your fear which is normal, but please know that I will have you in my prayers for wellness and for joy to just fill your life with this new year. You will be in the number 3 and you might want to ask one of the numberologist just what that number means fully to you for the new year.

    Remember that God Loves You and Wants You To Be Well and Happy

  • Thank you Shuabby...I am working on the visualizing part. I have had a wonderful support group and I am extremely appreciative of all of them. I have had 3 reiki sessions since my surgery in July and will continue to do so. It's very disheartening to hear someone in the medical field say I don't know why this happened and I don't know if you will get sight back in that eye, So thank you for your answer, and for keeping me in your prayers. There are so many that have far more issues than I do I guess I should be thankful...

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