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  • 01:01 -- -- 02:02 -- -- 18:18 -- -- 22:22

    When ever i check my wrist watch or wall clock or any clock it shows me something like this in numbers means all the time like 06:06, 11:11pm/am etc. is this good or what i don't know for last couple of years i am getting these numerical signs. what does it mean.

  • Hi, if you keep noticing specific numbers then those numbers will often relate to something that you need to be aware of. Sometimes you will find them in your birth date or your name numerology. In either case it might be worth reading up on basic Numerology to gain a better understanding of their meaning.

  • I would suggest reading Doreen Virtue's book Angel Numbers

    I found an article last year online about this book and it explains all kinds of numbers and sequences

    I won't post the link here since most links I posted are deleted anyway

    I have copied and pasted this article on this forum but the last time I tried it didn't work

    so that's all I can write for now

  • here is my email can mail me the link

    and any one have any idea what does all these number means... .

  • thanks

    I will send the URL link to you instead

  • Hello..

    I have the similar observation for month now...

    I would like to be informed or emailed about further sources regarding this "phenomenon" ..

    A friend of mine has told me this indicates that the one you love is "thinking about you at that very moment..." but of course i would like to get a scientific or a more reasonable explanation if possible...

    Thank you very much

  • I meant to say .. I've been witnessing this for monthS.. (around 8-9 months)

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