HealingWays With Natures Wonders :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I wanted to start this thread (with the help of some beautiful souls on here :)....it is a place where we can share and care for ALL things on NATURAL HEALING and all things Holistic.... and the first and foremost we need to really start looking at, and appreciating our bodies as the beautiful vessel it is and then to nurture it back into its natural healthy state.....I know we all have had times when we just don't consider our bodies and our well being at all, I too have been like that so many times in my life, but I know now it's time to really take stock and get my body into a state of maximum health as I can, this will then in turn give me the strength to live my authentic life, for me it is to be helping others find their healing ways!!....and I just know all of you yearn to live your authentic lives to fulfil your hearts desires, so lovely people for us to do this, lets all get together and do the most important thing we could do for ourselves and reach our maximum health!!....we need each other for us to gain insight and encouragement :).....so I will start this off by putting a little article on telling us too: LOVE YOUR BODY! LOVE YOUR LIFE!.....


    How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning? Are you eager to get

    your day going because you’re full of energy or do you grumble and hide your

    head under the pillow because you could use another 12 hours of hibernation?

    Evaluating how you feel first thing in the morning is a good

    indicator of your overall health. Generally speaking, if you’re maintaining

    a healthy weight and eating a good share of fruits and vegetables daily, you

    should be starting the day with a bang and not feeling sluggish.

    On the other hand, if you live a sedentary life

    and rely on the closest fast food joint, then you

    will likely be the one who wants to go back to

    sleep, who needs 5 cups of coffee to conquer

    the day, or who grumbles about every little thing

    that might go wrong.

    How you start your day has a direct impact on whether you see things

    positively or negatively and it can also affect the moods of your family

    members and co-workers.......

    I'm SO looking forward to us sharing our "NATURES WONDERS" β™₯

    So lets begin to...

  • The first thing I want to add is a bit more on is what started us on our path to this "healing with natures wonders" is the subject of WATER, and thanks to our ILoveFish, I found the website of Mr Emoto again (I was so grateful for this)..... he offers a free ebook, a very good read πŸ™‚ I will copy and paste a little introduction on what he says....

    Water has a very important message for us. Water is telling us to take

    a much deeper look at our selves. When we do look at our selves

    through the mirror of water, the

    message becomes amazingly,

    crystal, clear. We know that

    human life is directly connected to

    the quality of our water, both

    within and all around us. The photographs and information

    in this article reflect the work of

    Masaru Emoto, a creative and

    visionary Japanese researcher Mr.

    Emoto has published an important

    book, "The Message from Water"

    from the findings of his worldwide

    research If you have any doubt

    that your thoughts affect everything in, and around you, the

    information and photographs that are presented here, taken from the

    book of his published results, will change your mind and alter your

    beliefs, profoundly.

    If you would like to read his ebook here is a link to his website, you do have to sign up but the only details they need is your first name and email addy...

    Hope you find something in this that helps πŸ™‚ β™₯

  • I truly don't want to bombard this new thread at the start, but I have just found a very appropriate article on the topic of S,A,D which is maybe what many people face at this time of year, it also contains some excellent info on types and preparation of our foods....I'm just hoping it's not to long a post and I just ought to copy link to article, but I know some people may not like following links...so here goes:)

    Winter is a time when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects those of us who live in colder regions and get less sunlight during this season. You might be

    interested to know that according to Chinese and Eastern Indian medicine, eating food is an important way to absorb sunshine energy.

    Chi, Food and Lack of Sunlight. Just as chi (energy) can be obtained directly from sunlight, the universe also supplies it for us in natural foods. Food, as

    it grows, obtains energy from the sun, earth, air, rain, and also from cosmic energies. The closer the time between the harvesting and eating of food, the

    more energy (chi) is transmitted from the food to the person eating it. If you live in a city, or in a colder climate where there is not much sun, or if you

    do not spend much time out of doors, eating the chlorophyll-containing green veggies is a way of absorbing the sun energy we all need. Organic is always

    best, as other natural foods may be grown with chemicals, which may have also been absorbed and be passed on to you as you eat them.

    We know that eating healthy is vital to our existence and well being. It affects our mood, energy level, and so much about us. In our culture, we have

    learned and been taught so little of the ancient knowledge regarding nutrition. Here are some of the basics that I've learned from Eastern Indian Ayurveda

    and Chinese medicine regarding food: it's purpose, quality, choice, preparation and consumption. By taking some of the following suggestions, you can improve

    the quality of chi in your food and increase the chi energy available to you. Because nutrition is such a huge and diverse topic, I encourage you to explore

    it on your own.

    Food Quality. Canned food and frozen food is devoid of chi. It is essentially "dead food"; its chi has been stripped from it in the preparation and storage

    process. Ayurveda suggests that food is "living"--even after it is picked it still contains the life force. We bring its essence or chi into us when we eat

    it, but the chi of food must be nurtured and preserved to help sustain and increase it throughout the planting, growing, storing, cooking and eating process.

    Rice, in order to maintain its chi, must be in a "breathable" container. Buying rice in a burlap container and storing it in a bamboo or burlap container

    will retain its chi. Plastic is not breathable and the chi will not last if the rice is stored in this way. I learned this from a very good book on the

    Ayurvedic system (Ayurveda: A Life of Balance by Bri. Maya Tiwari). The author was able to treat her own near fatal illness with Ayurveda when traditional

    medicine failed her.

    Food Preparation. Cooking or preparing food is a sadhana (holy practice) according to the ayurvedic system. Handle food with respect and gratitude, putting

    good energy into it as you prepare and eat it. Ayurveda teaches that the more you handle food the better it is, so that you should knead, stir, measure,

    serve and eat as much with your hands as possible to help transmit and receive its energy. The DNA in the food, which has been passed down from generation to

    generation through the seeds, is a type of memory that is transmitted to us when we handle, consume and take it into ourselves. I wonder how cloning and

    genetically engineered foods affect us, given these ayurvedic principles?

    Handle and cook the food with love and appreciation. It is best to give it your full attention. Try to participate in as many of the processes of planting,

    growing, harvesting, milling, etc. of the foods as possible; this will increase the flow of chi into the food and into your being. (Read Secret of Shambhala,

    a novel by James Redfield, to learn more about this and other insights into energy.) You may have a community cooperative farm in your area that will allow

    you to participate in these processes and share in the produce for a small fee. If you cannot participate in these processes, imagine them being done with

    love and appreciation, increasing the good chi in the food.

    Never cook, eat or handle food when angry or depressed. This is transmitted to the food and to the people who eat it. Keep a spirit of love as you prepare

    the food. Imagine how the plant began from a seed, absorbed the nourishing energies of the earth and sky, matured and was harvested. See and feel the food

    releasing its good energy into you and others while they eat and appreciate it.

    Eating. In order to retain the most chi from food, eating should be done without the common distractions of television, radio, reading, and talking. Eat as

    often as possible in silence, with your attention drawn to and focused on the food -- appreciating its taste, texture, and other qualities, feeling its

    energy and intentionally bringing that good energy into yourself.

    A Word about Ethics. The growing and preparation of food is so important to its chi that I I would suggest buying it from responsible companies if you are

    not in a place where you can grow your own. This would include locally-grown and community-grown foods, and of course farms and orchards that treat their

    workers well, with livable wages and good health care. "Another ethically responsible practice is to buy "sea" food that is harvested in environmentally

    responsible ways without causing great loss of sea life (*). Some big companies drag the sea floor, which kills masses of precious sea life in the process.

    This can't be good for our karma or chi. I would also suggest (if you are not a vegan) that you buy animal products such as milk and eggs from people who

    raise animals responsibly and humanely, without the use of hormones and pesticides, fed organically, and allowed a free-range lifestyle. The quality of life

    of the animal who gives food will have an effect on the chi it contains.

    Correcting Imbalances with Food. If there is an imbalance in our meridians, this can sometimes be noticed by extreme body temperature as well as extreme

    emotions. To correct serious imbalances, see a trained doctor or naturopath. You can use common sense to correct minor imbalances. When you are uncomfortably

    hot, and need to cool down (including those of us who tend toward regular angry states) eat cooling foods like lettuce, carrots and apples -- preferably raw

    and juiced vegetables and fruits. If you tend to be a cold person who has trouble warming up, or if you notice you often have cold hands and feet or if you

    are nervous a lot and feel disconnected from your body, try eating warming foods -- preferably cooked foods, soups and teas. If you like spices, they are

    good for their warming quality. Ginger, for example, is an excellent warmer.

    Vibrational Cooking. People with delicate digestive systems require slower, steady changes to their diets. Vibrational cooking suggests that the level of

    heat, cooking time and container we cook our food in is important to its quality. Metal has a high vibration energy, and if possible it is suggested that you

    don't cook or eat with metal containers and utensils, especially if you have a nervous temperament, because the energy of the metal can be retained in the

    food. Cooking for a short time over high heat retains an intensity that you may not prefer. Most experts suggest cooking for a longer period of time over

    lower heat. This will help the food to gain lots of good warming chi, without the nervous quality of "fast" food. If possible, cook over an open flame, even

    if it is a gas stove, rather than an electric, because it is more "natural" to the food. It is also suggested that you try and stay away from microwaving


    Weak and Sturdy Constitutions. For people who have difficulty digesting food, Congee is recommended. Congee is made by a process of cooking rice with 3-6

    times the amount of water and cooking it on low for up to 6 hours to make it soft and easy to digest (make sure you do not leave the stove on when you are

    away, as this is a fire hazard). Crock pots are a good way to make congee. In addition, you can also soak and crush the rice kernels before cooking to make

    them even more digestible.

    People with a stronger healthier constitution can make quicker and more sudden changes with less effect. They can have more of the strongly cleansing raw and

    juiced vegetables and fruits. The rule is, if you are of a delicate constitution and are sensitive to quick changes, slow and gradual modifications are


    Our Relationship with Food. Ayurveda is about having a good relationship with your food. Sometimes are bodies need to be introduced to certain foods -- our

    bodies don't always understand what to do with a food if they are encountering it for the first time. It is a good idea to introduce new foods slowly and

    gradually, not all at once. Allow yourself to become acquainted with different foods, handling them, observing them, even on some level communicating with

    them by sensing their type of energy. You may even want to exchange a little bit of your energy with your food. This is done for some in the form of a

    blessing before, and sometimes after, a meal. If you cannot work with the food by planting, growing or cooking it, this conscious energy exchange may be your

    only opportunity to complete that part of the process. A blessing may for some take the form of words and intention, for others it may simply be an

    acknowledgment of the food with gratitude, and/or an exchange of energy. You may imagine this exchange of energy as if it were a light passing from your body

    into the food and from the food into your body, or you may choose to do something as simple as smiling to your food with pleasure, enjoying it as you eat.

    Most importantly, learn to listen to the wisdom of your body. You may be surprised if it just so happens to lead you to the right thing that you need to eat.

    Those with blood sugar problems or serious medical concerns should consult a professional before changing their diet. This article is meant to share

    information and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your physician or other health practitioner if you have questions about your relationship with

    food, or read books and talk with others about food value, digestion, and health.....

    Don't think it was too long though eh!....:)


  • HealingWays you are really living up to your name! What a wonderful thread to begin!

    On my 21st Century Wellness FB Page I share my TRUTH: Wellness is & must-be BODY-MIND-SPIRIT & takes ART & SCIENCE! Zeeva's Art of Wellness Principles: HOLISM, SELF-Awareness,


    THESE are the things that let me beat what all the MD's said would be permanent disability, illness, brain injuries, & blindness! THESE are the principles I lived my life by that helped ME get WELL AGAIN!

    YES NATURAL is always better--and now that the USA is so broke we can't afford to support the pharmaceutical industry with our tax dollars at the expense of having the #1 most chronically diseased and pharmaceutically managed population of any country on EARTH--our MD's are actually talking about DIET, SELF-CARE, NATURAL, HERBS, and even things like YOGA & MEDITATION!

    The ancients KNEW that SOUND is healing--and in my journey to heal my own injured brain--I had many adventures--had to STOP listening to much music I LOVED til my brain circuits healed enough to take all that input--but found that my TIBETAN BOWLS--some from the 16th & 17th centuries--were wonderfully HEALING and helped my brain re-balance!

    NOW THAT we have 21st Century Science technology to PROVE that SOUND has real and powerful effects on the BRAIN--and everything that happens in your BODY--including illness and HEALING--starts in your BRAIN--which is central control--

    we understand how different tones work to effect the changes we want or don't want!

    So be aware of the sounds & music you listen to! Listening to negative music has been found to cause our late 20th centruy phenomenon of ROAD RAGE--but sound & music & just TONES can do WONDERS to help us HEAL & become balanced and STRONG!

    Here's a GREAT no-coffee WAKE-Up session--just 20 minutes of pure SOUND you can experience and meditate to and BALANCE your brain, & your mind, emotions, & spirit self

    It uses a simple 18 Hz (Beta) stimulus as well as a tone with a slowly increasing pitch, to wake & energize the listener. There are also positive auto-suggestions that are designed to increase self awareness.

    I post a lot of these kind of sound healings on my Zeeva the Art of Wellness FB Page! I use them mySELF and my followers who want to be WELL NATURALLY really like them!

    Congratulations for living up to your name & THANK YOU for STARTING this wonderful thread here!!! LOVE & LIGHT & WELLNESS--NATURALLY!!!!!

  • OH--it would help if I posted the link to the No-Coffee WAKE UP SOUND Session!

    Just 20 minutes--and you don't have to do anything but be still and LISTEN!!!

    My Friends who are just starting to learn to meditate find these very helpful! And my Friends who are practiced meditators LOVE them too!


    Enjoy and let me know how it works for YOU!

  • OH WOW Rising, this is wonderful, all this has really got the "healing" juices flowing.... what you have done is total confirmation that the "ALL NATURAL" ways really are the BEST....I'm SO pleased your in here with us Rising, you have so much to offer for us, I'm so grateful!!

    I'm off to watch the video now πŸ™‚

    many many blessings to you!


  • healing ways,

    started this forum with water,

    lets me start with basics,

    water contains oxgen,

    if we go back to the beggininng of creation,

    when god formed adam,

    he gave him the breather of life,

    which was oxgen.

    doctors recommend us to drink eight glasses of water,

    why, because it contains oxgen,

    which is so vital to all our organs,

    now doctors are saying one of the reasons we get sick is because we are not breathing properly,

    there are many ways we get that much needed oxgen into our bodies,

    one is hydrotherapy,

    which means treating our bodies with water,

    our bodies absord the water,

    our cells get the much needed oxgen it needs,

    bathing in the ocean with sea water, is very healthy, and very good for certain conditions, like arthritis, salt is a mineral again, we are absorbing it through our pores, however people that suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease cannot over indulge because it is like taking in to much salt,

    chrisscat ,

    loves the beach water so do i, have you ever notice how much better we breathe when we go to the beach, the oxgen there is cleaner, even though we leave the beach tired we feel much better the next day,

    chrisscat i totally agree with you base on my own personal experience, cholorine is a chemical and it is a unsafe chemical.

    a fanastic way to relax, is to sit in a tub of cool water, while you are relaxing you are giving your self a natures treatment to your health.

  • healing ways,

    you are the expert here,

    i have read many articules by doctors that claim one of the reason we get sick is because we do not breathe properly, i have no articules to back me up, i know you are the expert here, can if you know tell us about how we go about breathing properly to maintian our health

    tommorrow i will write about the effects stress has on our health.

    lets get healthy,

  • Hi ramonita, the hydrotherapy treatments sound like an excellent form of healing, I have to say it's something I won't be able to do at present due to High Blood Pressure I have at moment, but I'm working on that, I did it before using natural foods and exercise, after taking meds for it for 5yr that never really bought it down, that was one of my reasons I went on a quest to find natural remedies, sadly in the past 2 yr I let my regime slip and now am paying the consequences, but, like I said, I've done it once and I can do it again, I'm so pleased I'm back on my path with it :).....Ooooo I SO believe in "Breathing correctly".....another one of my loves...lol....I will dig out the info on it soon πŸ™‚

    look forward to your article on the stress....


    much love to you ramonita


  • healing ways,

    you can do the hydrotherapy in your bathtub, if you have one, you dont have to use the salt,

    i do not have high blood pressure, but i am cautious when it comes to the use of salt, after all at sixty two, one must be cautious.


  • ramonita you are right, I have not had good soak in bath for long time, it's been get in, good wash and straight out, which is surprising for me really because years ago I used to love being in the bath for at least an hour, I sometimes used to do meditation in bath, and always had good results with it, I used to see lots of lovely swirling colours in my minds eye....I really must start this again....thank you for bringing this back to mind for me:).....your right about the salt, I'm nearly 59 and because of the BP I looked into it about 3yrs ago to exactly what my intake should be, but what I found in an article once was a Doctor talking about the importance of us taking in salt!....he mentioned how angry he was that doctors were ranting and raving about cutting it out to almost non existence, he feels this has lead to more illnesses, he went on to explain how important it is, we were, lets face in the womb for 9 months surrounded in amniotic fluid which contains salt, we cry tears that are salt...etc....but it's the "type" of salt that we take is crucial and that is to have the pure un-bleached, non processed salt like the celtic salt,.....and you really can taste the difference πŸ™‚


  • Rising, I loved the meditation and have saved it, I really want to do this on regular basis, I have to replace my broken headphones to get the most benefit from it though, as I learn't that they are needed to get maximum benefit on this sort brain wave listening,....and only yesterday I was searching online for some, I will certainly be ordering some straight away now πŸ™‚

    thank you so much for sharing the video πŸ™‚

    love and blessings to you


  • healing ways.

    you are so right, our bodies were created to have the use of salt, without salt we die, it is as simple as that, we need the iodoine in the salt, which is bascially the only nutrient that provides it, our thyroid gland depends on iodoine,


    i am glad that i brought up something back to your memory;

    warm water in tub bath when you have problems with your muscles or bones,

    cold water to bring down inflamation in the internal organs,

    now i can not take cold water, what i do is i get the water warm then i started adding cold water, until it is cool and refreshing/


    be back tommorrow with stress,

    i mean writing about stress, i do not want stress


  • Oh bless you ramonita....and you know,I might even go and have that long soak now, I'm getting tired it's nearly time for sleep for me and I think the bath will be good for me to wind down, no quick wash for me tonight :)....but I won't drop to sleep in it though :)....

    that really made me smile...about your back tomorrow with stress ;)....

    night night, and I will see you tomorrow


  • Hi everyone,

    ramonita has mentioned (on another thread I think) about the importance of "correct breathing" so I'm going to put an article that I found very informative on this.

    Breathing is the 2nd foundation principle, just behind thought and it is extremely vital to our health and vitality.

    To breathe correctly we must breathe in through our nose and breathe deep into our diaphragm.

    This breath should not be excessive but nice and smooth, deep and flowing into the diaphragm.

    As we breathe the tummy should raise. At the same time

    you should feel your sides and the back expand almost like

    an all round cylinder and the last place to move is the

    upper chest. The ideal pattern should be 2/3s

    diaphragmatic and the last 1/3 chest movement.

    Breathing properly detoxifies and neutralizes the body. It

    brings us into an anabolic state where we can recover and

    repair. People, who can NOT breathe through their nose,

    need to look at food intolerances such as gluten and dairy.

    Food intolerances cause a inflammatory response and the

    body responds by producing more mucus, blocking up

    nasal passages . This is very hard on the immune system

    and should be addressed.

    Breathing techniques go back many years with all sorts of

    Eastern style exercising, such as yoga’s, Tai Chi, Chi gongs.

    At the same time these training methods are used to quiet

    the mind.

    Correct Breathing

    When our mind is too busy, thoughts are just jumbled up like food in a waste disposal. It is impossible just to be or to think clearly and effectively. It

    is only by quieting the mind that one can see what it is that they truly want. Meditations are very powerful tools to develop effective breathing but also

    to quiet the mind.

    Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

    To become aware of your breathing, place one hand on your upper chest and one on your stomach. Take a breath and let your stomach swell forwards

    as you breathe in, and fall back gently as you breathe out.

    Try to get a steady rhythm going, take the same depth of breath each time. Your hand on your chest should only move in the last third of the breathing

    in cycle.

    If you have breathed poorly for a long time, it takes a lot of practice to reeducate new breathing patterns. If you do experience difficulty a great way

    to help to activate the diaphragm is to lye on your tummy so that you feel the diaphragm press into the floor as you breath. Or lay on your back with a

    with a small weight like a wheat bag on your tummy, just below the rib cage. Isolate the breath it at first by just focusing on the upper tummy raising.

    As this becomes easy you can then imagine breathing into your sides, master this and then add the feeling of breathing into the back as well. Put it all

    together so now you are breathing into the diaphragm, the sides and the back like an all round cylinder.

    Breathing Facts

    There are three basic

    types of breathing.

    1. Clavicular breathing

    is the most shallow and

    worst possible type. The

    shoulders and collarbone

    are raised while the abdomen

    is contracted during

    inhalation. Maximum

    effort is made, but a minimum

    amount of air is


    2. Thoracic breathing is

    done with the rib muscles

    expanding the rib cage,

    and is the second type of

    incomplete breathing.

    3. Deep abdominal

    breathing is the best, for

    it brings air to the lowest

    and largest part of the

    lungs. Breathing is slow

    and deep.

    Did You Know:

    The average person takes

    approximately 21,600

    b r e a t h s a day.

    The body brings 8000

    liters of air and 17.5 liters

    of blood through the

    lungs every 24 hours and

    the body requires 40 kgs.

    of oxygen daily.

    The brain uses 25% of

    the bodies oxygen and is

    only 3% of its mass

    How the body removes

    it's waste products by


    Breath 70%

    Skin 20%

    Urine 7 %

    Feces 3 %

    So thats that one πŸ™‚ hope it helps....

    this may sound silly, but I get the most wonderful feeling when doing my breathing exercises to "feel" gratitude for being able to just ..."BREATHE" I am grateful and don't take this act of breathing for granted any more πŸ™‚


  • on something in the first two pages I have a book on Native American Crystal Healing, by a guy named Luc Bourgault (I may have spelt this wrong) and he says that you should thank your food for giving of itself to become part of you, and having done so I have noticed a difference in the taste if I forgot to do so, I also bless any tea or liquid I drink in the name of the goddess and thank it also, (obviously if you have different higher beings then you would bless on their behalf), I definitely notice a difference as I 've even thanked my food during preparation too, so if it's been prepared in advance it does seem to last longer too

    but I have trouble with my baths as ours is so small I get stuck in it, so I have showers and have found I actually like cold ones and this seems to be better for my various aches and pains too

  • Hi chrissi, I'm SO with you on the blessing of the food, and your right it does taste SO much better, I tell you what though, it sure puts me off wanting to eat out....lol....if the chef is having a bad day heaven knows what energies he's sending in to the food eh!....but I know we can't avoid eating out sometimes, but on the odd occasion that I do I send Reiki to my food when it arrives, that will zap out any negatives :).....

    I have to admit I struggled with the bath issue too for a while, during the last couple of years of lets say "loosing my way" I let all my good works in reaching a wonderful feeling of wellness that I achieved using all the things we are talking about in this thread, I put on weight and I have been struggling....but now! I know my path and will never deviate from it again, I am SO determined to get back to that place of happiness and well being!....hence this thread, I also long to be of help to others too.....cos I know it works πŸ™‚



    Two of the most crucial things we have somehow forgotten about! Ramonita you are very right!

    Most of us do NOT breathe properly anymore.

    Many people do some real breathing exercises--whether in a yoga class or even a MUSIC class--I had a great music teacher--a famous jazz player who came up to my college town once a week to teach--who taught an improvisation class for ALL instruments...each player got up in front of class to work for 10-15 minutes and we all learned. The FIRST thing he taught everyone--whether drummer or piano player or singer (like me) or horn player--was HOW TO BREATHE FULLY!

    Having done yogic breathing for years at this point--I KNEW how to breathe--but I was shocked that even the HORN players did NOT know how--and everyone got LIGHT-HEADED once their bodies were properly flooded with the OXYGEN we need!

    You gals are doing GREAT with the info so far given!

    I'm still unsettled--but I'll be participating in this thread more and more..

    But these two things: BREATHING and enough GOOD CLEAN FRESH WATER--are the first two thing everyone can improve in their day-today life that can really make a difference!

    BRAVO! Great thread! LOVE & LIGHT to you all!

  • Hello Rising, thank you for all you say, sorry to hear your not settled yet, sending positive energies your way πŸ™‚

    I have at last sent off for some headphones thanks to you putting the great meditation video on, it spurred me on to get some and decided to treat myself to some cordless ones so I can listen to meditations from anywhere in the house, yes, the breathing is SO important, I remember saying to my kids "do you know how important breathing is?"....well after fits of laughter and hearing, "well, Duh, yes we do!"....I went on to explain the importance ON HOW to breathe.....lol...I was shocked the Horn player didn't know how to do correct breathing!...I'm surprised he could play it πŸ™‚

    Thank you Rising for bringing "your light" into this thread, I am so grateful πŸ™‚

    I'm off to meet up with family, we haven't had a get together for a while now, so I'm looking forward to it πŸ™‚


  • Hey Healing way's just read all of your thread, he he i was hooked loving the water and breathing stuff its really interesting and i need to work on my health too, eating too much chocolate πŸ˜ƒ not too good i know but i guess stressing out does that to you. Well i do not drink enough water either mmm i probably do not even drink a glass a day, i dunno why but every time i do i feel sick so i can only drink a glass or something silly till i get a tummy ache. and the water tastes funny here, i dont mind the bottled water here but that is expensive and we do not have much money, so tend to drink juice and fresh squash. I like what you said about breathing, because i find it very difficult sometimes i even forget i am actually not breathing properly and then i start breathing in LOL only cause i panic. Like today i totally forgot that i am actually breathing, but not properly and i almost had a little panic attack cause of it silly eh, but it was alright.

    Mmm i need to get to some yoga stuff there are some really good tips and things on our WII Fit that we have it is actually really good there exercises so i may go back to doing that.

    trying to lose some weight also so maybe cutting down on the chocolate which will be hard as it seems to be everywhere in college and schools and shops. It is sometimes hard as well because it is cheaper than the fruits and fruit bars. But i will try. so this thread will really help with that, keep the info coming Dee it really getting good. have fun with your family.

    Blessings N love Bee x

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